25 Tips for that Living Room Makeover You’ve Been Thinking Of

After a long day’s work, everyone looks forward to coming home, mixing a drink, and spending some time relaxing and lounging around. The home is, after all, your comfort zone, your charging station, your happy place — and having a welcoming living room is key to achieving that hominess you always want to be able to come home to.  

Oftentimes, the living room area is where people tend to gravitate — whether it’s all by yourself or with a small group of friends, or even during a party. It’s the place that people most often gather to exchange stories, play video games, or watch football with buddies. It’s also where you can cuddle up with your special someone, or laze around watching movies, reading the latest paperback, or flipping through your favorite magazines.

Of course, depending on your status in life, a living room can also take on the more formal feel of being a “receiving,” area. But whatever your aesthetic preferences, and depending on what you may hope to achieve, there’s always room to update the living room.

Here are 25 easy tips on making a few great changes to perk up your living area:

  1. Revamp your living room by choosing a new shade or hue for an accent wall. Break out from the usual boring white or beige, and try a darker color that can make for a good backdrop for some portraits or paintings.
  2. Perk up your living room’s overall feel with bold and bright colors. Bright and energetic hues can illuminate your space and generate good vibes and positivity throughout the room, which will give your home a lighter vibe all around.
  3. Try doing a DIY makeover by combining some old stuff you’ve got lying around elsewhere in the home with your current living room furniture. For instance, use old fabric to construct throws or pillow covers that can help achieve a fancier formal or more whimsical look, as the case may be.
  4. Symmetry and balance are often go hand in hand. Try to attain both when you reorganize your space, as this is one of the safest ways to decorate.
  5. Use of neutral tones, on the other hand, can make for a good backdrop for unique pieces of furniture. Going with neutral shades on your wall can help you better highlight other elements in the room, such as boldly-styled lamps or sofas. And consider using texture to add character to your neutrals.
  6. Layer some throws on the furniture. This will not only lend a few pops of color to your space, but also create a homey, “feet-up” feel for you and your family.
  7. Display your family portraits — this is a wonderful way to personalize your space while dressing up the living room. Apart from showcasing precious moments spent with loved ones, portraits and pictures collages can also be great conversation pieces.
  8. Combine diverse furnishings to generate a new, eclectic vibe. This way, you can make changes here and there as often as you wish, and go from a formal sitting area to a casual living space in no time at all.
  9. Bookshelves are a perfect addition to any living room. Not only do you benefit from more storage space, but you can use the shelves in multiple ways — add decorative accessories such as photos, pieces of sculpture, or even fresh green plants to give your room a fresher look.
  10. If you want a showstopping change, consider perhaps having your ceiling raised for a classy and dramatic feel reminiscent of, say, Roman cathedrals back in the middle ages. Vaulted or more spacious-looking ceilings can bring more light into the room as well.
  11. Use low-slung furniture to give the room a feeling of greater height.
  12. Adding personal touches in the living room can make a whole lot of difference. Have your floor custom painted is one fantastic way you can use to help set whatever mood you like.
  13. Looking for a living room that is rich in warmth and nature’s beautiful things? Make it rustic and refined. Fill the space with some antiques and consider the “Rule of Three” to create visual impact.
  14. Have a love for the ocean? Why not take it to your living room and enjoy the beachy feel in the comfort of your own home? You can use unlined linen panels for your curtains to bring in more natural light and breezes. Add a row of paintings of the sea, sea shells, or sea creatures to complete that ocean vibe.
  15. Take your living room to the next level by adding an outdoor living area! Nothing beats the fresh experience of having additional space to lounge around outdoors!
  16. Something new you might want to try in your living room is to have it mirrored all around. Mirrors help animate the space and makes it look more spacious. Mirrors also tend to make rooms appear lighter and brighter.
  17. The color blue sends out a message of serenity and calmness. Touches of blue in the living room thus brings you relaxation, and you can easily blend blue with other colors such as white for a light and airy feel.
  18. Pile on the pillows. Don’t skimp  on your pillows, use them generously to create contrasts in patterns, colors, and textures.
  19. Install smart lighting to save on energy and carefully plan lighting placement to highlight areas you want more focus on.
  20. Use area rugs to define individual spaces within larger living rooms.
  21. Put investment pieces front and center so you can better enjoy those antiques and unique finds.
  22. Consider using a water-resistant fabric on your furniture to create a comfier experience, especially when you have small kids at home. Place some fluffy throw pillows for a more homey feel.
  23. Transform your living room into a gorgeous gallery by putting up a tight grid of small frames to emphasize art pieces.
  24. For more informal living spaces, you may want to put together a space with bench-style seat cushions that will allow everyone to sit comfortably.
  25. When you have a smaller room, think of possibly adding a bay or bow window to extend the space. Perhaps add a window seat with hidden storage beneath.

There are no doubt a million-and-one ideas out there to help you achieve the perfect living room — one that best suits you and your home’s architectural style. These basic pointers should help steer you in the right direction and help make your living room makeover a success.

Micaela Jularbal

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