7 of the Most Stunning Airbnb Lodges Around the World

Traveling has become more affordable for many people in the past few years, with air carriers and passenger cruise lines offering sweet deals. Apart from travel portals such as TripAdvisor, vacation home rental listings like Airbnb have gained a great following. It’s not surprising, then, that some homeowners have found an alternative income source in renting out their beautiful homes through this service. What is surprising are the homes themselves!

After surfing all the Airbnb results on Google’s first page, Home Fine Living came up with its choice of the seven most stunning Airbnb vacation rentals all over the world, and here they are:

#7. Mushroom Dome Cabin (California, U.S.)

Located in a quiet area surrounded by Madrone and Oak trees and a Redwood grove, this cabin in the woods of Aptos is currently the top-ranking Airbnb choice of travelers from all over the world. It offers a fully equipped kitchen, a bedroom, bathroom, free parking, and other amenities. It has Wi-Fi and allows kids and pets.

Tourists who have stayed in this place say that in summer nights, you can see the Milky Way when there is no fog. The cabin sports a geodesic dome loft and a deck nestled high in the trees. Booking a stay in the Mushroom Dome, however, is quite difficult; you need to book months in advance. The place offers other alternative rentals.

#6. Owl House (Hightown, U.K.)

The Owl House is a quiet little property in the small village of Glen Lyon in Hightown, England. It’s a hillside retreat opposite ancient Lime and Oak trees in the hamlet of Garth. Apart from the quiet surroundings, the area’s attraction includes the wildlife and overall nocturnal ambiance. Deer and squirrels roam the place freely, and nature lovers can spend time wandering around the waterfalls and lochs, forests and glens.

Moreover, the house is only five minutes away from the famous Yew tree of Defynnog in Powys County, Wales – the U.K.’s oldest living tree. The award-winning nature lodge has a bedroom, a bathroom, and kitchen.

#5. Windmill (Utrecht, The Netherlands)

If you have always wondered about windmills, here’s your chance to get up close and personal with one. This windmill, constructed in 1874, is a great romantic getaway in the town of Abcoude, just 15 minutes from Amsterdam. You have the entire windmill to yourself, or even a group of six people can have all the privacy they want. It has three bedrooms with double beds each, two toilets, one bathroom with bath, a full-service kitchen, and a shed that visitors can use while they are staying on the premises. It even has wireless Internet. But who needs it when you have rivers, a garden, stunning views, and farm animals to keep you company?

All kinds of transportation are available to go to the place. The train station is just a mile away, the metro station three miles, and cabs travel this way. You may also drive up and park your car at the mill, or rent the owner’s Volkswagen with just your key as collateral. They also have two bikes for rent. Moving around will be no problem.

#4. Houseboat (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

This particular Houseboat has been touted the “ultimate Amsterdam experience” by travelers. The well-maintained luxury boat is anchored on the enchanting Keizersgracht canal in the historic A’dam Center of Amsterdam. While it is surrounded by the best shops and restaurants in the city, staying in the boat feels very different. You’ll feel like you’re in the middle of the action but away from it at the same time. It has Internet connectivity, kitchen amenities, and an indoor fireplace.

No wonder the Houseboat has been voted the Airbnb’s third most romantic getaway in the world. For those planning to get wed soon, keep this in mind as a fitting honeymoon. There’s nothing like officially starting a life together in one of the best places to visit – the houseboat capital of the world!

#3. Casa Arbol (Rivas, Nicaragua)

‘Arbol’ means tree in Spanish, so you’ll know instantly that this is a tree house. High in the branches of a Eucalyptus tree, this two-story haven is situated in a large wildlife corridor and overlooks the Pacific Ocean. The house was built to accommodate both nature and modern amenities. The ceiling is made from sustainable timber and has a smart screen system that allows fresh air and the sounds of birds and waves in while keeping residents safe from insects and the elements.

The living area, though, offers a flat-screen TV, a rich DVD library, a state-of-the-art audio system, and wireless Internet. The furniture is made of wood and leather. Yes, you guessed right. It is owned by an architect who designed the home himself. Safe up there, visitors can see wildlife movement below while having a dip in the pool. Truly a luxury in the middle of nowhere!

#2. ElquiDomos Astronomic Hotel (Coquimbo, Chile)

The uniqueness of this igloo-type lodging in Paiguano lies in it being one of only seven astronomic hotels around the world. Not only will you behold stunning views of the wilderness but you stare at the stars endless – from your bed. The hotel is based on the geodesic dome architectural design. It has a high bed located beneath a detachable roof for the ultimate stargazing, as well as a terrace to see the wilderness around. The hotel’s services include free coffee and tea, a fridge bar, and astronomic literature. The management also offers bike rental, car rental, daytime and nighttime horse rides, and special astronomic tours.

#1. Ski Lift (Rhône-Alpes, France)

Perhaps not everyone will agree with our top choice of stunning vacation place, but this is hands-down the drop-jaw Airbnb rental of all time. Suspended at 9,000 feet above the French Alps, the Ski Lift at the highest point of the exclusive Courchevel ski resort gives you the simultaneous sensation of doom and excitement. The Saulire gondola cable car was converted into a charming room apartment with two beds and furnishings for a simple but lovely stay in the center of the Alps. Understandably, guests are expected to be skiers who want to hit the slope early the next day, but beginners are welcome.

Guests can dine in the cable car while it is suspended above the resort, giving them the amazing opportunity to enjoy a starlit or moonlit night. The car will then glide toward its station above the resort, and the guests can prepare for bed. The only hitch is that the car doesn’t have a toilet and bathroom, so guests have to wait until it is at the station for their pre-bedtime toilet routine. Nevertheless, they will wake up the next day all set for their first slope run.

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