Five Ways to Create Tiny Bathrooms That Impress


Decorating large bathrooms is easy, with so many awesome bathroom ideas floating around. Small bathrooms, however, are a real challenge. How do you make something so small stand out? Here are five smart suggestions for turning your tiny bathroom into a charming nook:

Maximize Space

Your biggest problem in a tiny bathroom is storage. Most bathroom amenities, such as cabinets, baskets, and shelves serve that purpose. However, tiny bathrooms cannot accommodate a lot of fixtures. Instead of stuffing your bathroom with large cabinets, have floating shelves or storage ladders installed.

Floating shelves are quite easy to DIY with light wood materials and a little sweat on your part. While they look light, floating shelves are sturdy and can support even an entire encyclopedia set. However, who would need those many books in a small vanity?

Storage ladders are also a good alternative and, in fact, a perfect opportunity to display your personality and uniqueness to your guests. Prop colorful ladders against one wall to store your textured towels or toiletry containers. No need to have clunky overhead cabinets made – your ladder can stand wherever you want it to.

Make Everything Functional

Nothing in a tiny bathroom should be there without a purpose. Tiny bathrooms with too much furniture or containers tend to accumulate clutter after a while. Make sure that every design element is functional as well as decorative.

You can store your cleaning products in small painted wooden crates that double as corner tables, well hidden from view. Make your crates stackable so you can add supplies as you need them. You can also place a runner or cloth over waist-level crates for a splash of color.

Do not use implements that function only as decor. For example, your floating shelves can hold a neat arrangement of colored or mosaic jars to store your cotton balls, shavers, swabs, and whatnot. Some jars can alternate as vases for fresh bouquets, too.

Stackable baskets may be placed atop the washer or dryer, and the clothes hamper underneath the sink and cabinet.

Choose Colors That Blend

While you have no choice but to paint your small room just one color to avoid clashing hues, a pop of color in strategic places could liven up the room. The key is to plan your palette. Neutral base colors such as white, beige, gray, or earth tones like brown, green and clay red are the bomb — they can lend an air of calmness and an overall clean finish to your bathroom.

Accentuate with patterns and textures for depth in your bathroom tiles, toilet rugs, and flooring, or even in non-permanent elements such as hanging robes and hand towels. Make sure your prints match the overall motif of the bathroom.

Create contrast. If your base theme is light and plain, hang towels or robes with bold colors and prints. If the base is dark and printed, do the opposite. Hang a mirror that has an accent color, and use artistic soap dishes and shower shelves.

Adjust Fixtures and Your Interior Layout to Suit the Space

If you are planning to renovate your bathroom, you will have the flexibility to add or change parts that you think make the room look small or hard to navigate.Have your contractor design the room to adapt to the space (or lack of it) or install furniture and fixtures that make the room look bigger than it is.

Create shower niches or built-in shelves over bathtubs where you can place soaps, shampoos, shower gels, and sponges. Not only will you make these toiletries accessible to you, but you also eliminate the need to add protruding elements that could further limit movement.

Who says sinks should have to be in the middle of a wall? Corner sinks work just as well, leaving an area for people to pass through freely. You can hide the ugly drain pipe by attaching a fabric skirt around the bottom part of the sink. Extend your medicine cabinets downward and add shelves to fit bathroom linens. Instead of a bathroom door that opens inward, attach a sliding door to preserve space and make it easier to get in and out.

Take Advantage of the Magic of Glass

Sometimes, a room is only as big as one’s perception. Glass contributes to making a room look bigger than its actual size. Glass shower enclosures and doors create magic by not blocking the shower from the entire bathroom. If your shower stall has glass partitions, make the floor tiles run from the door through the stall to the other end of the room to create the impression of largeness.

According to experts, the more the mirrors, the larger a bathroom will appear. Oval mirrors that stretch upward extend the ceiling height and room width, making the bathroom look bigger – at least, to the person’s eye. Glass windows also let in natural light.

Contrary to what many people may assume, tiny bathrooms are not devoid of the beauty and comforts of regular-sized bathrooms.  One only has to find a way to make his or her favorite bathroom amenities fit in a creative or innovative way.

Micaela Jularbal

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