Reduce Your Utility Bill, a Guide to Solar Lights

Of all the inexhaustible and renewable energy sources, solar energy is one of the most effective and efficient. Solar energy can be utilized for various purposes, and one of them is to produce solar lighting.

Solar lighting has come a long way since its inception and the benefits of solar lights cannot be denied. This breakthrough technology delivers a convenient, sustainable way to light your outdoor space with minimal investment and maintenance.

What are solar lights?

Outdoor solar lighting is not difficult to understand. In simple terms, these lighting solutions harness energy generated by our friend, Mr. Golden Sun, to provide high-quality illumination especially for outdoor applications.

The parts that make up solar lights are actually quite simple: They include a photovoltaic (PVC) panel, an LED lamp, and recharging batteries to store the energy.

Outdoor solar lighting systems use solar cells, which convert sunlight into electricity, and that’s the PVC panel. The electricity is stored in batteries for use at night. Manufacturers most commonly use nickel cadmium, sealed lead acid, and lead acid batteries.

Because you won’t be using electricity from the local power company, outdoor solar lights are a great value item.

Since solar lights do not require any wiring, you can put them wherever they’re needed.

Not being attached to the electrical grid has its benefits. One big benefit comes in the form of installation. No confusing wires to juggle with. No problem with connecting your lights to a power outlet that could be quite far. Just place the solar lights where you need them and let the power of the sun do the rest of the work.

You can put solar lights anywhere as long as they get enough sun to charge them during the day. A daily dose of at least 8 hours of direct sunlight is usually enough. It’s worth noting however, that modern solar lights can last for nearly three days on one charge.  

Here are a few suggestions on where you can use solar lights:

Deck or patio – As the sun goes down and the lights come on, they give a festive and lovely vibe to any outdoor living area. They help increase your overall living space, without any addition to the electric bill.

Landscape –  Lighting your garden at night beautifies your yard. A well-thought-out garden lighting design can transform parts of your garden that would otherwise be invisible in the dark, into lovely visual accents. A tiny hidden fountain or pond by day becomes a gleaming focal point of your garden by night.

Garden path – Solar lights are perfect accents to both sides of an average path. It can be the path  from your house leading to your garden or any path within the garden itself. Solar garden lights spell the difference between you making the most of your time outside in the garden or you tripping over your flower beds.

These clever, eco-friendly solar garden lights are very easy to move from one place to another because they are not wired in. This means that you can move them around your garden to light different areas as needed.  If you are having a party one day, you can move them nearer to the patio to illuminate your entertainment space, and then move them back to a different area of the garden the next day.

Say goodbye to evening darkness and costly electricity bills.

Outdoor solar lights are easy to install and virtually maintenance free. Best of all, using them won’t increase your electric bill.

One great way to cut back on your energy bill is to do away with traditional lights and replace them with solar lights. With solar lights, the only money you spend on them is upfront, and that’s it. They don’t add anything to your electrical bill since these are wireless lights and are not connected to your electricity provider. There is minimal maintenance, and no ongoing electricity cost.

Imagine all the money you currently spend on your outdoor lights, and now imagine getting to save that money because your lights are now solar powered. Or, imagine getting to spend that on whatever else you want!

So if you’re looking for easy ways to beautify and improve your landscape while saving money on your electricity bill, then solar garden lights would be your best bet.

If you are a garden lover, then chances are that you also care about the environment.

Most of us are already aware of environment-friendly processes such as recycling to minimize the amount of waste we produce and reduce our carbon footprint. However, many people are still not aware that we can also help reduce carbon emissions by choosing solar powered garden lights instead of electrical ones.

A traditional electric 100-watt light bulb creates enough carbon dioxide to fill a party balloon every half hour that it is on. Solar lights don’t have this issue, because the energy needed to power a solar light comes from a renewable source — the sun, and no harmful emissions are created when solar energy is utilized.

Using solar lights also helps offset greenhouse gases. They play a major role in reducing carbon footprint that has been created by producing energy from non-renewable energy sources. Carbon emission offset is calculated at approximately 6 tons of CO2 over the twenty-year life of one PV system.

By slowly acquiring solar and other types of renewable energy, it will be possible to decrease the problems caused by exhaustion of the earth’s resources.

We need to install more and more solar garden lights, faster and faster.

As you can see, the benefits of solar lighting make solar lights an ideal choice to add to your garden and outdoor living areas. These lights offer multiple benefits for homeowners, and are recommended for people who want an eco-friendly alternative to electric lighting. Not only will it draw attention to your house and garden’s best features but it will also help save the environment and save you money in the long run.

Micaela Jularbal

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