Wiring Upgrade

Is It Time For A Wiring Upgrade?

If your home’s electrical wiring is outdated, it’s time for an upgrade. The experts explain that if you have to keep flipping your breakers or using power strips, your system isn’t up to par.Wiring Upgrade

Upgrading your wiring will bring it up to safety standards and resolve issues that could lead to costly energy bills. Learn the pros and cons of this essential home improvement project at https://www.ampi-electricinc.com/fort-lauderdale-electrician/.

A wiring upgrade will cost you a good chunk of change, but it’s an investment that could prevent costly repairs in the future. A qualified journeyman electrician will inspect your home’s electrical system to make sure it meets today’s safety standards and that the type of wiring is appropriate for your house’s size and electrical needs. They’ll also check for loose connections, look for potential fire hazards, and test outlets and other fixtures to ensure they’re functioning correctly.

The cost of a wiring upgrade will depend on how much your house needs to be rewired and the types of materials used. Nonmetallic cable (NM) is typically the most affordable option for residential homes, while UF cable is more expensive and suitable for subterranean applications. A breaker box replacement is usually an added cost, as are any new outlets or switches you’ll install as part of the project. It’s also possible to add a subpanel instead of upgrading your entire breaker box if you need more amperage for additional circuits in your home, such as if you’re adding an in-law suite or workshop to the property.

Upgrading the electrical wiring in your home can also help you take advantage of smart-home devices that offer greater convenience and control over energy use. These devices can include smart thermostats, security systems, doorbell cameras, lighting controls, and appliances with built-in WiFi capabilities. While a wiring upgrade will add to the cost of installing these devices, they can increase your home’s resale value and save you money on energy costs over time.

Rewiring your home will improve its safety, decrease the risk of fire, and keep your family comfortable and secure. But it’s a big job, and one that requires the skill of a qualified electrician to do properly and safely. If you’re ready to protect your family from potential electrical hazards and avert any costly repairs in the future, get in touch with Kobalt Systems for a consultation. We’ll discuss your electrical needs and work with you to ensure that all the upgrades you need are completed within your budget.


When electrical wiring becomes outdated, it can pose a safety risk. Faulty wires can create fire hazards in your house and cause injuries to you and your family members if they come into contact with them. A wiring upgrade can help reduce these risks by ensuring that your home’s wiring meets today’s safety standards.

A common reason homeowners have to undergo a wiring upgrade is because their homes are overdue for one. They may be having trouble with their circuit breaker, have a lot of outlets that don’t work, or have appliances that require too much power to operate. If this is the case, you should hire a professional to conduct an electrical wiring inspection. They can examine your home’s electrical system, determine the types of wiring in it, test the breaker panel, look for issues with outdoor outlets, and much more.

During an electrical inspection, a professional will also recommend any necessary upgrades for your home. In many cases, this will include the addition of more outlets in your home. This is a convenience that most buyers are looking for in their new home and can increase the value of your property.

Old wiring, especially aluminum wiring, is a major fire hazard that can lead to dangerous situations for the people living in the home. The National Electric Code requires that houses meet certain safety requirements, so an old wiring system is not up to these standards. When a homeowner wants to sell their property, they have to make sure that their electrical systems are up-to-date before the sale can go through.

An insurance company can refuse to cover a home that has old, unsafe wiring. Many insurers will only offer coverage if the house is updated to meet their guidelines, which includes upgrading knob-and-tube and aluminum wiring. A professional electrician can help the homeowner make these necessary changes to their home’s electrical system to ensure that it is up to par with current standards.

Upgrading the electrical wiring in your home can be costly, but it is worth the investment to protect your loved ones from potential injuries. It can also prevent fires and improve convenience with increased power output.


There are many upgrades you can do to improve your home’s convenience, but rewiring your house is one of the most effective. Upgrading your wiring will make it easier to run modern appliances like smart devices, computers, and televisions. New wiring can also support more powerful devices like a tankless water heater, an in-home generator, or an electric car charger.

The most obvious reason to upgrade your home’s electrical system is safety. Older homes are more likely to have faulty wires that can increase the risk of fires or create inconsistent currents. Having your wiring upgraded will help prevent these problems and ensure your house is up to modern building standards.

In addition, having your wiring upgraded can give you greater flexibility if you plan to add more devices or upgrade rooms in the future. If you need more outlets in a room, you can install them without having to rip up walls and rewire the entire space. This can save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

Another potential benefit of a wiring upgrade is that it can save you money on your energy bills. Faulty wiring can cause spikes in your energy usage, which can result in higher than normal utility bills. Rewiring can reduce these issues, which will lower your energy costs and provide you with more peace of mind.

Upgrading your wiring can also increase your home’s value if you plan to sell it in the future. Buyers will be more comfortable buying a home that has been updated with newer wiring and meets current building codes.

Upgrading your home’s electrical wiring can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. The expert electricians at Kobalt Systems can guide you through the process and ensure your home’s electrical system is safe, up-to-date, and ready for the future. Our careful planning means your rewiring project is completed with minimal disruptions and on budget. Contact us today to discuss your options.